Nashville Night With Friends

Last weekend was a good one. My boyfriend (who is also a grad student at UT) and I went home to Nashville to celebrate his birthday with some of our good friends. It was another one of my friend’s birthdays too, so we did a kind of joint birthday event. We went to Cabana Nashville for dinner and had some delicious food. I highly recommend it if you’re looking for some large moonshine cocktails like this one that the birthday boy and girl were drinking…


Then, after dinner we went downtown to an art crawl that the birthday girl wanted to go to. I had never experienced anything like it, but it was actually a pretty cool event. Here was an interesting room that required a little participation from the viewers:


The picture below of my friend Dannie and me was at my favorite exhibition of the night. The artist, Herb Williams, used an assortment of crayons to build intricate and beautiful animal sculptures (mainly of different breeds of dogs).


The sculptures featured beautiful colors and designs, usually incorporating some iconic designer symbols like this Louis Vuitton dog.


Here are even more fabulous designer pups…


It was a really interesting and fun experience, and you never know who you’re going to see at events like these…*cough* Steven Tyler…


{ Don’t worry, I’ve already accepted that I am a creeper for this photo }

Anyways, it was just a great night catching up with friends and I was glad to be back in good ole Nashville!



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