Let the Lip Sync Battles Begin!

For those of you who watch The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and can’t get enough of his lip sync battles with popular celeb guests, then I have some good news for you! If you didn’t know already (especially from all of the buzz surrounding Thursday night’s performance), Jimmy Fallon has teamed up with Spike TV to create a whole new show dedicated to these beloved celebrity lip sync battles. And get ready, because it’s epic.


(GIF via iheartmbm.tumblr.com)

I just learned about this show a few days ago and since the two 30 minute episodes that had already aired were leading up to the newest episode Thursday night, I decided to watch them all. The first one was between Jimmy Fallon (of course) and Dwayne Johnson, and the second was between John Legend and Common. They were both pretty good but nothing compared to the third battle between Emily Blunt and Anne Hathaway. I won’t deny, it was pretty awesome watching Anne Hathaway transform into a (somewhat alarmingly) spot-on Miley Cyrus in her performance of “Wrecking Ball.”


(GIF via iheartmbm.tumblr.com)

I have no idea if this show will last, but that performance will definitely live on! You can watch the full performance in the YouTube video below:


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