Incorporating Music on Pinterest Boards

I’ve been loading up on interesting Mashable articles this week, but another useful article I stumbled upon was How to Share Music On Pinterest. Pinterest is one of my favorite social media platforms to use. I love creating and organizing different boards to inspire me and give me ideas on a variety of topics whether it be fashion, kitchen design, event ideas, or even just to entertain me with adorable pictures of Golden Retrievers. I also want to be able to inspire others through my boards.

Obviously this platform is increasing in popularity, and new and innovative ways to use it are beginning to be introduced. For instance, this article from Mashable suggests a new way to enhance your boards by sharing music to them. While walking you through the steps to share music on Pinterest, it also gives you a few ideas on how to use music to give your boards that extra spark. These ideas include:

  • Being “a fanboy/fan girl” (i.e., creating a “shrine to your favorite group or artist”)
  • Adding “an extra element to browsing”
  • Creating a “travel soundtrack”
  • “Vintage boards and era exploration” (where you incorporate music from that era onto your boards)
  • Adding music to “enhance events”
  • “Playful playlists”

You can read more about these creative ways to incorporate music on your Pinterest boards at


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