Creative Way to Promote via Twitter: #ListenWithKelly

After reading Mark W. Schaefer’s The Tao of Twitter, I’ve started to see the Twitter platform in a new light. I have begun to realize that there really are endless possibilities and benefits for using this platform. It’s cool to see the new and unique ways that people think of to use Twitter. For instance, a recent article in Mashable talks about Kelly Clarkson’s use of the platform for a “Twitter listening party” that promoted her new album.

According to tweets revealed in the article, Kelly invited her fans via Twitter “to #ListenWithKelly at 8 PM ET.” She encouraged her fans at this time to start playing their copy of her new album, titled Piece by Piece, and to tweet along with her. For each song (minus the extra ones on the deluxe version) she provided little pieces of commentary about such things as why that song was special to her or whether it was one of her favorites. Fans joined in on the conversation and it seemed to be a real hit. I think this is such a creative way to promote an album while really connecting with fans on a deeper level.


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