The Voice and Social Media

Whether you like The Voice or not (but let’s be honest, who doesn’t like The Voice?), there is no denying the show’s expertise in building engagement with fans through social media—particularly Twitter. The show is not afraid to get creative with social media to engage its audiences. For example, last year they came up with a way for fans to “Instantly Save” their favorite singer from going home just by simply Tweeting their name and hashtag #VoiceSave. Another Twitter method they use during the prerecorded episodes is displaying on the screen live commentary via Tweets by the judges on the various happenings of the night. These Tweets—mostly Blake’s—never fail to entertain us.

As Season 8 has just begun, Mashable revealed a new social media marketing move they have pulled out to build even more engagement around the popular singing competition show. An article from Mashable reveals that for Season 8 The Voice is “teaming up with GIF Keyboard to offer GIFs of the show’s standout moments in real-time.” Now fans will easily be able to share favorite moments during the show. This will definitely be a fun way for fans to engage and be entertained this season.

And of course there has been a Voice GIF created for #TheDress…

chairtumblr_nkevhfK6Rw1r5lqijo1_1280{GIF posted on The Voice tumblr with caption: “We only see the voice.”}


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