A Life Without Bros? Scary Thought.

Organic Valley attempts to go beyond the conventional to market their organic product, and they seem to have hit the nail on the head. It’s all part of a clever digital marketing campaign that satirically makes a Public Service Announcement to “Save the Bros.” You know those guys who drink a million shady protein shakes every day to beef up or as Organic Valley perfectly articulated it, “to get jacked, yoked, or totally swole.”

Bringing humor into the typically traditional and informative based advertising of organic products is gaining the company some praise and social buzz. Although seemingly making fun of its major target market, it seems be getting quite a bit of positive feedback.

In its humorous “cause marketing” video, Organic Valley reminds people of how incomplete life would be without a bro giving you that wildly inappropriate “but still appreciated” compliment about your physique or the motivational “Go Big or Go Home.” It brings up a slew of other funny stereotypes about the typical “bro” and the need to save them from all of those chemically infused protein shakes they down every day which, according to Organic Valley, will cause them to disappear completely.

Offering their organic protein shake alternative “Organic Fuel” is how Organic Valley plans to save the world from the extinction of bros altogether. If you care at all about these swole gym junkies who “consume two thirds of our nations light beer and 100% of our axe body spray,” spread the word and #savethebros.


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