Bachelor Mondays

In the spirit of love, lets talk about The Bachelor… For all of you ladies out there who haven’t been watching this season, I have to say that you should probably start. Although we are obviously not watching for the reality of it all, it is an undeniable form of entertainment that every girl should be able to experience. I’ve been so busy with schoolwork that I haven’t been able to watch with friends for the past few episodes, but I would highly suggest you get your girlfriends together and schedule weekly Bachelor Mondays if you have the chance. (The season is only halfway through, so there is still time!) I’ll even give you a few tips on what you can do to make the most of your Bachelor night.

First—Fill out your Bachelor brackets. IMG_2751_fotor

My friend, Georgia, convinced me to fill one of these out the second episode in. They sound stupid (okay, they are stupid), but they make it so much more fun. Trust me. Boys have their basketball and girls have their Bachelor… It is what it is.

You can print the ones we used from

{Note: I swear we aren’t as creepy as we look in this picture.}

Second—Make you and your friends some yummy cocktails.


If you have no idea what to make, never fear Pinterest is here! Try these Pink Lemonade Champagne cocktails I found wandering on Pinterest a while back. I made them for my friends on New Year’s Eve and they were a huge hit!

{Picture and recipe from}

Third—If you’re really feeling into it and have some free time on your hands, you could make these delicious looking red velvet rose cupcakes…Of course, that may be overdoing it.

Red velvet cupcakes with roses

{Picture and recipe from}

Last—Get ready to laugh and have some fun! The Bachelor is filled with all sorts of nut-cases to entertain you—or creep you out—this season. (Although the last of the really crazy ones were sent home last episode.)



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