Happy Birthday Pacey

If you read my Puppy Bowl post last week, you got to see a little glimpse of my dog, Pacey. Like most dog mommies out there, I enjoy talking about and sharing pictures of my pup probably a little too much. However, today is his 2nd birthday and I feel like, of all days, today could be considered at least sort of appropriate to dedicate a post to him…(we’ll just go with that).

So it all started when my friend told us she was going on a road trip to go get a Golden Retriever puppy. She asked if me and my boyfriend wanted to come along, and we gladly went with her with no intention of actually buying one our own.

Before we knew it, we were driving back with not one puppy, but two. Pacey was the runt of the litter, so much smaller than the rest. His siblings had all been bought and he was the last one left, all balled up alone in the corner of his crate. My heart was pounding frantically when I realized I might be getting him. I had wanted a puppy so bad but was nervous to actually get one.

The owner told us Pacey always wanted to be held and my friend was convinced that this made him perfect for me, that for some reason it meant he’d be the calm, cuddly puppy that I’d always wanted. (Calm definitely isn’t a word I would use to describe Pacey, but I love him all the same.) My boyfriend strangely was convinced we should get him too–he was usually the rational one, saying we shouldn’t get a puppy–but before I knew it, we were bringing home that tiny little ball of fluff…

IMG_4101_2_fotor_fotor…Best decision we ever made.

Pacey is a goofy thing. Still not too big for a Golden but has a HUGE personality and is so funny.


Little animals are his weakness (aside from treats, of course). When he catches his eye on a squirrel, he is instantly enamored…

10313371_10202469617570773_6337764169265372019_n{This was his dream come true}

He gets excited over the smallest things, and when he is, beware of his tail… He gets so excited to see you when you get home; it doesn’t even matter how long you’ve been gone. You can leave for about 5 minutes, come back and it’s like you were gone for centuries!

Being forced to cuddle is the ultimate punishment for him though. He gets hot really easily and can’t be still when it’s not by his own doing.

However, no matter where you’re sitting or laying he will attempt to lay behind your head…


He also likes to rest his head on your shoulder.


We catch him sleeping in the funniest positions… But they are so cute.

aff59465808d58df5536633918a89172He isn’t always all sunshine and rainbows…

e5ca2b8b031f9fbb52df505c3ee75a10{Although he would beg to differ}

…But in light of his birthday I won’t get into that 😉

There is so much more to Pacey, obviously I could go on for days about my quirky little Golden, but that’s enough for now.

Happy Birthday Pacey!



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