Crispy M&M’s are back!

It’s funny because for an assignment in one of my research classes last year I had to conduct some interviews to essentially learn how consumers felt about the discontinuation of products. They would have to tell me about a product that they really liked which had been discontinued and answer questions regarding how they felt, coped, and so forth with the cessation of the product.

Anyways, I asked my boyfriend these questions and it took him about no time to respond with a product that he was destroyed to learn had been discontinued: Crispy M&M’s. Of course he is a candy addict, so this came as no surprise, but I hadn’t even realized that they had been gone for a whole 10 years! I loved them too. Who didn’t?

Well, I bet you can guess the excitement he had when this commercial came on recently…

Yep, that’s right Crispy M&M fans… They’re back!!

According to an article from, Crispy M&M’s were Mars’ “most-requested” product to come back on the market, so to prove to consumers that they are listening, M&M’s Crispy are officially back on the shelves! This is definitely going to be a brand that will benefit from the positive nostalgia that it can bring to people, but social media will be key to getting the word out and buzz going. #crispyisback




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