Farewell Parenthood. I’ll Miss You.

So this was a sad, but acceptable farewell for me. I’m usually never satisfied with season finales, but the Parenthood finale really hit everything it needed to in my opinion.


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We have all come to love and feel as if we were a part of the Braverman family. We’ve known for a while what was coming… the inevitable death of one of our favorites: the beloved head of the Braverman family—the dad, the granddad, and now the great-granddad—Zeek. But it was an ending we could all handle. The writers have been working us up to this point all season. Although it was tough to say goodbye, we all have to leave this life at some point and the goodbye that Zeek had to make turned out to be a pretty beautiful one. Before his death, he got meet his great grandson, walk his daughter down the aisle, and pretty much give his love and farewells to all of his family. It’s incredible how they fit everyone’s happy ending into a single one-hour episode and still managed to do so without making it feel overly rushed.

Parenthood Finale Recap: 

It all kind of revolved around Sarah and Hank’s wedding. Knowing that the end was nearing, it was important for Sarah to have the wedding as soon as possible so that her father could be there. Hank asks Zeek for his blessings in marrying Sarah and we get to see the beautiful love and respect Zeek has for his daughter. When Hank reveals that the wedding will be the upcoming Saturday, we see the realization Zeek has—that this is close to goodbye.

Max gets the job as photographer for Hank and Sarah’s wedding which excites him and seems to give him the validation that he needed—that a career is not as unimaginable as it seems. Julia and Joel get a call from Victor’s social worker urgently asking to see them in person. After slight fear that somehow Victor is going to be taken away from them, we come to find out that it’s nothing of the sort. Victor’s birth mother has given birth to Victor’s half-sister and is giving Julia and Joel the option to adopt her, but they’re unsure of what to do. The typical Crosby and Adam tension occurs as Adam gives Crosby the papers to finalize the shut down of The Luncheonette.

We see another sweet moment between Zeek and his daughter, Sarah, as they sit and talk on the front porch.

“Have I been a good father?” he asks.

“The very best,” she responds. {We’re all sobbing at this point…}

The wedding day finally comes, and we start to realize that this beloved story is all coming to an end…

  • Zeek walks Sarah down the aisle.
  • Haddie (finally) returns and has a kind of cute moment with Max, basically telling him that he makes her a better person.
  • Zeek gives Crosby the push he needs to realize he can keep the Luncheonette going on his own.
  • A bunch of goofy and adorable pictures are taken, showing the love and bond between this perfectly imperfect family, and for a moment Zeek and Camille stand back to watch their family and admire the beautiful life they’ve created.


{ Image Source: www.nbc.com }

Other wedding happenings:

  • Zeek and Camille invite Amber to come live with them, just like they did with Sarah. They decide this is the right “last chapter” for them.
  • Drew gives a lovely best man speech.
  • Julia and Joel decide to adopt Victor’s half-sister.
  • Max dances with a girl, and just a lot of love and happiness is portrayed.

After the wedding, with a little guidance from Kristina, Adam ultimately figures out his dreams and takes over as the head of Chambers Academy. While looking at the wedding pictures, Camille finds Zeek has peacefully passed away in his sleep. The family all comes together in the end though, not with the sad, gloomy funeral that we all dread watching, but to a baseball field where they spread Zeek’s ashes and then play a game in his honor.

During the game we get to see future glimpses of everyones life: Amber has a husband and Ryan is helping to raise their son, Crosby is recording at The Luncheonette and we see that Jasmine is pregnant, Max graduates, Julia and Joel are with their family on Christmas (which now consists of four kids and a new puppy), and Camille finally goes on the trip that Zeek had planned for her.

The show finishes with laughter and happiness and love, just like it should. It couldn’t have ended any better than that…


{ Image Source: www.nbc.com }

Farewell Parenthood. I’ll Miss You.


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